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Purchase of 10 drones DJI Air 2 Fly more combo
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Dear friends of Ukraine

As known, on February 24th, 2022, Russia started a full-scale and dishonorable invasion into Ukraine (it is a continuation of invasion to Donbass region and Crimea annexation that last 8 years already). It started WAR, that not only kills Ukrainian people, even children, destroys infrastructure, civilian buildings, it also touches countries all over the world. The reason is that Russia will not stop on Ukraine, it already terrorizes world by capturing several nuclear power plants and keeping their personnel as hostages. This is a big danger and should be stopped.
Now Ukraine stands for the whole world, continuing to reflect all massive attacks from different directions.

Ukraine’s army is unbelievably strong, but we need your help.

Our defenders, in particular Armed Forces Of Ukraine and Territorial Defense need to buy several drones to obtain more tactical advantage. These drones are able to reveal hostile equipment and enemies themselves.
There are no more drones left in our country, so we plan to buy them in Italy (Unieuro S.p.A., the largest Italian retailer of consumer electronics and household appliances). They have suitable models for us (DJI Air 2 Fly more combo) and can provide them to us in short terms.

Each drone of this model will cost €1300. We need 10 drones for our departments
The total cost of needed equipment is €13000.

Each drone will supply one military unit with tactical advantage and help Ukraine’s defenders to stop russian invaders. We have several days to gather the needed amount of money, the deadline is March 13th, 2022.

Please support us facing terrorist country named Russian Federation.
Any amount of money can be helpful and move us closer to win.
Thank you, friends, in advance.

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