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How it works

How is the process of fundraising and transfer of funds raised to projects.


  1. VITAUKR GO, which was established in 2019 in partnership with the international VITAWORLD GO, registered in Italy, due with Russia's military aggression against Ukraine launched a crowdfunding platform "UA-REVIVAL", the main purpose of which is to raise funds for support for current projects. 
    For reference: VITAUKR GO currently consists of more than 1,000 volunteers and specialists who provide specialized assistance. Over the last three years, the organization has implemented dozens of projects with the participation of the Ministry of Social Policy, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  2. RELIABLE! The UA-REVIVAL platform has passed additional testing and is connected to the LiqPay payment system, which confirms the high level of protection and guarantees from the state bank.
  3. In connection with Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, we focused on helping both ordinary people and organizations involved in the fight against the aggressor, rebuilding destroyed facilities and those most affected by the occupiers.
  4. The UA-REVIVAL platform allows you to quickly and safely contribute in real time from individuals to the project that you think is most relevant and that you are ready to support.
  5. In order to place a new project on the platform, the project initiator needs to register, provide information about himself and the project. Then the representative of our organization, after checking the project and documents confirming the purpose of the funds, places the project on the platform.
  6. All funds transferred through the platform are transferred to the account of VITAUKR GO.
  7. After the end of fundraising (when the collection period has expired or the required amount has been collected), the project initiator provides supporting documents: invoices, bills of lading, contracts, checks, etc., on the basis of which the funds are transferred. If during the fundraising period, the specified amount is not collected and cannot be used in part, or the collection period is extended or the collected amount is transferred to another project with the consent of the parties.
  8. Important: Funds are transferred to the account in full, except for the banking service fee. Upon receipt of the funds, the initiator of the project undertakes to provide a photo and a documentary report on the project. Then the project is completed.